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If your website is not meeting your expectations or you are in need of a new site, our experienced design team will produce a website for you that is user friendly and has search engine optimization integrated into all areas of the site. This results in:
Website design service offers original site design, redesign and search engine optimization for websites using Homestead's™ site builder software.
You receive a complimentary copy of our E-book, SEO Building Blocks. The book explains search engine optimization and how to make it work for your  Homestead web site. This is a great tool for webmasters who want to do their own SEO updates after the site is launched. A $21.95 value.

Written by users of the Intuit Homestead SiteBuilder program 

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We have designed web sites for non-profit organizations, small companies and large businesses using Homestead's award-winning software. Our experience in web design, redesign, and search engine optimization of Homestead sites gives you a team that can deliver what you need.
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free website design and seo quote.
15 questions to ask yourself about your current web site or your ability to create a new site that meets the following criteria:
:: Does your site meet your expectations?
:: Does your web site capture a visitor's attention in less than 10 seconds?
:: Is your site aesthetically pleasing or a visual nightmare?
:: Does the website project a feeling of professionalism and credibility?
:: Do you provide adequate information for your visitors?
:: Do your pages load quickly?
:: Does your navigation make it easy for search engines to travel through the site to index it?
:: How user friendly is your site? Do visitors have to pause and think and search to find the information they want/need?
:: Has the site been updated within the last 6 months to a year?
:: Is the site correctly optimized for the search engines?
:: Do you have broken links to pages or graphics?
:: Is your site designed for usability by everyone, even those who use  assistive technology?
:: Is the site cross-browser compatible?
:: Are there unnecessary elements on the page adding to the load time?
:: Does your page copy meet the requirements of the search engines?

Professionally designed and SEO optimized Homestead websites

To be successful web sites need to adhere to certain guidelines for usability as well as being search engine optimized.
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We're here if you need us:

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We remember who you are even AFTER our job is done! Emails and calls are answered promptly and we are always glad to help out if you have questions down the road about your website or working with SiteBuilder. 
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* SEO 'How To'  for Intuit -  Homestead designed web sites
* 5 Don'ts of Web Site Design
* Keywords & SEO
Our Newest Design Service The Single Page Site
Everyone needs a web presence. But you don't always need a multi-page website. Small businesses can benefit from a one page site that offers an overview of their service or product and gives contact information. In the world of today people tend to look for local businesses online and if you don't have a web presence you could be missing an opportunity for more sales.
Perfect for the independent handyman, a vacation rental property, a house cleaning service, computer repair and many other small businesses.
Visit us at BizLite.
Web sites designed for usability by viewers, search engine optimized and backed by our outstanding customer service - Homestead Website Design
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Many designers using the Homestead software are overcharging their clients.
  • We do not host your site on our account and then charge you over and above what Homestead's actual hosting fees are. Nor are you charged for site stat reports or email accounts. These are all included in the Package you purchase from Intuit-Homestead.
  • We do not kidnap your account by hosting it on our account, thus forcing you into a maintenance program. You will have access to your account 24/7 and the ability to make your own updates and changes. We offer  web site maintenance only IF you want it.

Your payment structure should look like this:
  • Sign up with Homestead and choose the Hosting Package you want. Package prices and add-ons vary and there are often specials being run.  The fees are quoted as monthly, but by paying annually you can save money. So this fee will be recurring.
  • The other fee(s) you will incur are whatever the person designing your site has quoted you. This should be a one-time fee, UNLESS you have chosen a maintenance program. Again, be aware of overcharging. Paying for monthly maintenance can be a waste of money unless you have a very busy web site that requires frequent changes. 
  • better performance =
  • more visitors =
  • more business =
  • more profit
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